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National exams simulations 2017

edu trust - National exams simulations 2017

eduTrust center organizes between March and May 2017 SIMULATIONS OF THE EXAMS Bacalaureat and National Evaluation in order to obtain the eduTrust students to become used to the atmosphere and rigors of an exam and to help them prepare better for the following exams.

Benefits of simulating exams:

  • Identification of lacking knowledge;
  • Developing learning abilities;
  • Developing the successful attitude towards the exam, reducing anxiety;
  • Don't involve any risks

For details, read article Benefits of simulating exams.

Organization details

Simulations shall be organized in the eduTrust classrooms, having conditions and exam subjects similar to those at the national examinations.

The professors that will be correcting the exams are experienced professors that also correct the exams Bacalaureat and National Evaluation, in order to obtain the same acuity in evaluation and feedback for our students.

There shall be organized

  • 3 sessions of simulation (March 25th, April 22nd, May 27th 2017)
  • For students in the 8th and 12th grade,
  • For each profile,
  • For Mathematics and Romanian.

For eduTrust students FREE

Students that are not currently attending eduTrust center classes will pay a fee of 70 lei/simulation.

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  • +40 757 021 017
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