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Our Method

Metoda edu trust

edu trust guarantees individualized support in performing school tasks, by concentrating on every learner`s special needs.


identify and cover missing knowledge,
explain and apprehend unclear information,
train the solving problem techniques with the studied subject.

Habituating with performing school tasks in a protected environment, where the individual feels comfortable to ask questions and to express opinions, reduces fear of being marginalized and increases self-trust. This positive state reduces stress in testing or evaluation situations in school environment. The decreased levels of stress and anxiety make room for concentration and performances. Also, indirectly, because of the increased self-esteem, there is an improvement in social relationships with classmates and friends, but also within family members.

edu trust tutoring programs

Edu 4

EDU 4 program

8 hours, 4 sessions / program
(4 weeks)
Price: 280 lei

Edu 8
EDU 8 program

16 hours, 8 sessions / program
(4 weeks)
Price: 520 lei

Edu 12
EDU 12 program

24 hours, 12 sessions / program
(4 weeks)
Price: 720 lei

National evaluation simulation exam
National exams simulations

BAC Simulation exam
BAC Simulation exam

Curs de limbi străine pentru copii
Language course - Children

Curs de limbi străine pentru adulți
Language course - adults

Consiliere pedagogică
Personal development


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