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Changing Adolescence

Personal development begins with and means getting to know one`s self. It refers to exploring and structuring personal characteristics (abilities, emotions, motivations, attitudes, defending mechanisms and copy mechanisms). An efficient and high functioning in the contemporary social and professional environment is being facilitated by our capacity of efficient self-regulation and self-knowledge. Self-knowledge develops by the age and by the experiences we have. Confronted with life challenges, we can, many times, find resources we had not been aware until the moments they are required.

schimband adolescentaAdolescence is a time during which the individual learns about himself or herself and about his or her roles in the society. It is extremely important not to label the adolescent as being problematic or hopeless, but admit or, at least, accept, that they are discovering some difficult things to deal with regarding life, being confronted with a whole bunch of conflictual emotions that brings them confusion.

Despite the many dysfunctional or strange behaviors during adolescence, some people reach a functional productive adult life. This ability is called resilience. Resilient people can manage and solve problems, they have faith and they trust themselves and their own capacity to do something well (self-efficacy), they admit, when the case, their need for support and they are prone to new ideas. How do we get this ability? The easiest way to develop it is thorough the human role models that we have. But they so many times fail, don`t they?... showing our children behaviors dominated by anger, unbalanced emotions, lack of security, confusion and incapacity of managing conflicts.

Research data shows that the most efficient educational programs for psychological development are the ones that assume family involvement (Amato and Keith, 1991). In the context of the Hollywoodian influences or of a corrupt society, it is crucial that we offer our children, our adolescents, solutions to efficiently manage the various situations that they are confronted with, equipping them with a shield against the emotional and behavioral imbalances.

Emotions management, conflict management, learning and information management, planning of the professional life, they all have a major impact upon the adult`s life and upon the quality of the life of those near him.

Offer your child the chance to be properly equipped for life and the possibility to efficiently develop and exercise his abilities.

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