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Group learning

group learningIncreases retention. Concepts verbalization and explaining the material to other group colleagues really helps the student to strengthen the ideas in his memory and to improve the shape of the stored content. The more the student revisits some information, the better they will be stored in his or her memory. With rehearsal, the information passes from the short-term memory (or working memory) into the long-term memory. Group learning offers the student the opportunity to hear the information from another person. This is a very important aspect in situations where there is a lot of study material that needs to be acquired and understood (for example, preparing for the admission exam at the Faculty of Medicine).

Facilitates and increases information access. Group learning offers more opinions, points of view, with the information being shared in the same space. This kind of sharing allows free discussions based on a given subject and strengthens the student`s logic and reasoning abilities. Students learning together tend to share notes and other working materials, constructing and enlarging their knowledge upon various subjects without effort. This richness of knowledge can mean more time spent on debating key concepts and less time spent on ideas or methods that can block or delay the progress.

Strengthens motivation. The time dedicated to group learning is an excellent opportunity to learn how to receive and give feedback. This kind of feedback is more easily accepted from a group colleague than from a teacher or from a parent, being received from a mate that the student has shared his learning difficulties with, under a teacher`s friendly supervision. Through informal evaluation, a positive competition is being developed, which is revealing, constructive and pleasant. Help is being given to students that have difficulties in understanding a certain concept. Having a team relying on him or a colleague depending on him on a project may increase the student`s motivation to concentrate on individual study or his focus inside the group, because the student discovers a codependence in having success.


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