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Mother of an 8-TH form student:

“Thank you Edu Trust for your professional method of education and also for the emotional support given to our children. I am personally thankful to the teachers for providing in-depth explanations of the subject and also for investing time in helping the kids surpass their emotional obstacles. We thoroughly recommend Edu Trust to all parents. Thank you! “

Father of an 8-th for student:

“I consider that the courses followed by my son were very useful. Not only had his level of knowledge increased but he also understood that school can be different in the way that teachers can be warm and kind to the student, they have empathy for the children and moreover he discovered here teachers who treat students as their equal. I want to mention that our experience with Edu Trust was very good and I will also recommend Edu Trust to other people.”

Mother of a 6-th form student:

“As a parent, this experience was something new, a new approach which impressed me in a very good way! The level of my child is ‘more than superior” compared to my expectations! Thank you a lot! The 6-th for student: “I learn many new things and I like the teachers (especially my English teacher), I am happy to study here”.

Mother of a 10-th form student:

‘The classes at Edu Trust gave our son a boost in confidence and increased self-esteem, the classes also helped him increase his performance as well as improving his results at school. Thank you, Edu Trust!”

Mother of a 5-th form student:

“I have nothing but praise for Edu Trust and the teachers here. The good results and the performance achieved are due to the teachers who supported us and untangled the most difficult problems of mathematics. You were open to listen to our requests and therefore the student is willing to come here with an open heart. Good job, Edu Trust! I will thoroughly recommend you to anybody anytime! You are big-hearted professionals!”

Mother of an 8-th form student:

“My daughter has had such an evolution that I can hardly believe is possible, especially when it comes to mathematics. I really want to say thank you for all the effort that the teacher put into my child and for boosting my kid’s confidence. Maybe mathematics is not her strength but the pleasure to come here makes me extremely happy. What makes me sad is the fact that I now realize that I should have brought her here for classes sooner because the time till the test is very short. She could have had better results if I had brought her sooner. I would recommend Edu Trust to anyone because my daughter is very happy with you. A big thank you!”

8-th for student:

“I believe that the classes here helped me a lot and I also think that I made lots of progress at school also. It’s also about the teachers who had their contribution in this progress”.

6-th form student:

“I am satisfied that I gained some self-confidence. Yes, I want to go on with the classes here.”

8-th form student:

“I am happy with my results at school, before I came here, I wasn’t. I want to go on with my classes here.”

Mother of a 7-th form student:

“Naomi started to have better results and moreover she gained self- confidence, she started to feel more emotionally relieved when we talk about school.”

Mother of 10-th form student and of 6-th form student:

“Good evening! This program is very good for my daughters, I am very happy, they have better result at schools, I am very happy for discovering Edu Trust and this after-school program. We thank you for everything! I highly recommend Edu Trust to everybody! I hope other people will be satisfied with your educational program also!

Mother of an 8-th form student:

“I have heard about you at the radio and now I have decided that my son should start studying with you. I am glad we came here because the classes helped my son to overcome the obstacles he encounterd at school. He liked your classes and the teacher was very nice and she helped him a lot. I have only praise words for the teacher. I want to thank you all, the entire team here, and I wish only good things! May you be blessed for all your kindness and dedication. I will be happy to recommend you in the future. You should keep on with the good work. May you be blessed!”

Mother of a 7-th form student:

“Good afternoon! I want to tell you that my son’s results in mathematics have improved, but not significantly. I am aware that he should have worked harder and should have been more organized with his homework. The atmosphere is very pleasant because he gladfully comes to classes here. I would recommend you to other people and I have already done it. Thank you!”

Mother of a 7-th form student:

“Good afternoon! The mathematics classes that we had at Edu Trust were of good help and I am happy with the progress my son made. He says that your classes helped him in acknowledging his mistakes. Now he is looking forward to coming to the math classes. I would joyfully recommend Edu Trust to other people! Have a wonderful day!”

Mother of a 6-th form student:

“Good afternoon! For my son, the classes at Edu Trust were very useful, they helped him gain clarity, self-confidence, he is even willing to work joyfully. All these things are reflected in his school results during this semester. Thank you for everything and yes, you should really go on with what you have started at Edu Trust!

Mother of a 7-th form student:

“As a parent, I wish to thank you for all the support given to my child throughout this school year. Apart the educational training, you have additionally provided with psychological support; thus the self-confidence of our child has somehow boosted. The school results are now better. We want to continue with the Edu Trust educational program.”


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