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About edu trust

edu trust is a private educational center. Our targets are to improve the educational performances of our students and to increase their self-efficacy, self-trust in their capacity to successfully perform day to day school challenges.

edu trust represents a lever for boosting and creating new possibilities in education. These possibilities can only succeed as long as they are based on trust. Parent's trust in their children, children's trust in their parents, parent's trust in themselves for being what their children need them to be and children's

trust in their own potential makes the hole educational process to be a positive, constructive and long-lasting one.

The lack of trust though, exhibits degradation and tears down any good intentions of any participant, parent or child (learner). It generates frustrations by preventing progress, deviation and loss of interest in educational activities.

At edu trust, we wish to support building trusting relationships and their long-term development, so our children's performances may be optimum.

To Whom are We Addressing?

edu trust - about us

We are addressing to those who wish to have access to the best facilities in tutoring and wish for an educational process that would impact not only their children's performances, but their family's wellbeing.

We are addressing to students in grades from 5th to 12th, regarding:

tutoring to multiple school subjects,
obtaining wished performances within the national exams,
obtaining language certificates and
offering support through career and individual counselling.

We are addressing o parents and students that come across difficulties in performing their day to day roles regarding parental, scholar or social duties.

edu trust Team

edu trust team shall include teachers and tutors qualified to tutor the learners within the school subjects.

The entire team shall be constantly trained to identify every learner's needs and to adapt his style, offering individualized support based on psycho pedagogical techniques.

edu trust tutoring programs

Edu 4

EDU 4 program

8 hours, 4 sessions / program
(4 weeks)
Price: 280 lei

Edu 8
EDU 8 program

16 hours, 8 sessions / program
(4 weeks)
Price: 520 lei

Edu 12
EDU 12 program

24 hours, 12 sessions / program
(4 weeks)
Price: 720 lei

National evaluation simulation exam
National exams simulations

BAC Simulation exam
BAC Simulation exam

Curs de limbi străine pentru copii
Language course - Children

Curs de limbi străine pentru adulți
Language course - adults

Consiliere pedagogică
Personal development


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